City And Lights

When the sun sets down and the nightlife starts sprawling, some cities glow just a little more.

Frankfurt am Main, more commonly known as Frankfurt, has indeed come a long way since its foundation in the 1st century. Today, the city appears as one of the largest financial centers in Europe (which, in reality, it is), home to a number of national banks and stock exchanges (which, in reality, it has), but there is more to it than just money and business, however. Frankfurt is a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the evening dining with a mix of nature too. Location: Frankfurt, Germany.
No wonder Frankfurt can keep up with the list of cities with an impressive skylines. With more than 30 buildings higher than a hundred meters, the city’s beautiful skyline is one of its highlights for tourists, offering an ever impressive sight to behold. Location: Frankfurt, Germany.
Perth, in Western Australia may well be the most isolated capital city on the planet, but you certainly wouldn’t know it as you wander the bustling malls and street art-emblazoned laneways of the inner city. There’s a renaissance afoot in the Western Australian capital Perth. Location: Perth, Western Australia.
Flashy urban skyline, amazing river-views, and excellent coffee on every corner, Perth is a superb spot for a weekend break. And a best way to finish an afternoon is by catching a copper-tinted sunset, slowly turning black, behind its towering skyline. Location: Perth, Western Australia.