Clan Jetties Of Penang

Along the Strait of Malacca, one can find water villages with rows of wooden  houses on stilts built above the sea and connected by planked walkways. These are the Clan Jetties of Georgetown, civilized by Chinese immigrant who came to Malaysia in 19th century. And this is their story… 

A demolished house, leaving the space undeniably unattended.
In the early 20th century, the jetty settlements expanded but residents did not have basic amenities like water and electricity. It was only after the Penang municipal election in 1957 that the Clan Jetties began to join the modern era. 
An old, rustic Fiat, still attracting eyeballs, for some things have a never-ending charm.
With increasing tourist inflow, most of the families in the area  have started catering to tourists. For example this guy who now uses his motorboat to take tourists around the place.
A tourist taking a picture of himself.
There are a total of 6 (if I’m not wrong) clans living around the area, with all of them having their houses marked and territories defined.
The picturesque neighborhood of Kim Jetty as seen from the public area at its other end.
One of the residents of Lee Jetty sitting on his porch, trying to find some personal space amongst a crowd of confused tourists, peeking in their houses and clicking pictures.
One of the many perfectly juxtaposed streets in the neighborhood.